Are some actions impossible to do solo?

I am a new user playing only on solo server

Is it me or it is made impossible to demolish a fence or remove a gooseberry bush without help?

For example, you dislocate a fence with a mallet and then you are supposed to use a shovel on it very quickly, so quickly that the only way is to have another player with the shovel ready in their hands. The same goes for watering a staked gooseberry bush.

Am i right or is there a way to do such actions solo?


Hii :slight_smile: welcome to the forum.

It should be possible to do on your own.
How much latency do you have on your private server?

Maybe the timer should be disabled on private servers.


Thanks for the reply!
How do i know my latency?

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i don’t own a private server. so i have no clue. but there is this number with MS at the end. if this number is extremly high you have maybe too much lag to do it on your own. everything under 150ms should work perfectly fine.

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Thank you! :hugs:
It seems I am around 120, rarely 180…

It is still possible I am just doing something wrong …

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Your connection is stable then, so that is unlikely to be the problem.

We can single that out now. :thinking:

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I think you do it right. Sometimes im not fast enough.

Here is what i do. first i place the shovel right next to the berry bush. then i get water in a bowl. i stand exactly on the same tile where the shovel is. because if you reach on an other tile the character does an animation, which will make you slower. and then i water the bush, exchange the bowl for the shovel. and swipe on the berry bush with the shovel.

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Here it is! I think I never stayed in the same tile as the shovel

Thank you Heidi_van_Bergen !

I will try and see if this works :smiley:

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Well i can confirm now this works! I successfully demolished a fence and then i starved to death from the excitement

You have to stay on the same tile as the tool you need to switch to.

Thank you so much! Hope this helps someone else…


Great :slight_smile: glad to help!

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