Are there any perks to being a boy?

So we all know that being a girl means you can have babies, but is there something similar that would give reason to want to be a boy instead?

Most of my male babies always suicide so I’m guessing not. But can someone confirm?

It would be interesting if they had some additional benefit like more hunger squares or a higher base movement speed than females.

As baby boy it is good when you provide things which are a bit dangerous to get. Like get iron, because there are wolfs. Don’t get the womens killed, because you need them to get more generations. So the perk of the male character is kinda you can bring stuff to the village without taking care of babies.

But no there are no other perks to be a male character. Just gather the best stuff for your family :slight_smile:


Aww that sucks. No wonder my babies keep offing themselves.

It would be nice if they had some form of incentive, but oh well. Like you said, they do make the better of the two for foraging so I guess that’s okay.

As a man, i often go hunting, bring back furs and pretty things like lapis for the girls


It’s better to be a boy man if you want to focus on building and crafting or learning.


If I’m in a thriving civilisation, I actually prefer to be a guy. I can focus on getting stuff the town needs without having to constantly worry about babies (obviously I’ll help out, but it’s more convenient for the girls to deal with). When I am a female, especially if we’re starting out, I’ll encourage my sons to look for iron while my daughters stay in the village and farm. I will also always try to save my babies, regardless of their gender because sometimes the boys can be equally, if not even more helpful than the girls. Ironically, I always seem to have babies at the worst time possible. I once had to juggle between feeding my daughter so she didn’t starve, sitting on a horse so it didn’t run away and occasionally feeding myself until my daughter turned three. Then I gave her directions to the village (she ended up going to the bell instead and made it). :stuck_out_tongue:


i love being a boy! So I can concentrate on learning new things. Or I go hunting, collect iron, or I just go on adventures :smiley:


I learned how to do stuff by being a girl being a boy is just boring i wanna carry a GENERATION Bye