Are they new players or are they low key griefer?

I’ve been play in us beginner and lately for some reason these children don’t know how to feed themselves, and its to the point where they’re like 8 year old.

Like if they can’t even feed themself I doubt they’re helping, probably the reason all the bushes are dead but hey not a single person taking care of them.


The beginner sever don’t teach everybody. Some people learn in different ways. The new babys that you are having are provably noobs. Give them some time and they will be right on track.
Also: I have always believed that the beginner server don’t do any good at teaching. That server is only an escape to the pressure of feeling that a killer may show up in any minute. The longer food resistance makes it a bonus for any proyect that we have in mind.

In general. I personally have always say that the beginner server should be removed. We have no need for having US server split in 2.

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I agree! I honestly only play us-beginner because thats where the crowd is, but I would rather just play the regular game than half step out of fear of griefers. The most I’ve ever seen on the regular us server is about 7. How can we convince the majority to come over to the regular server? Do we get of beginner all the way? Do we make it less enjoyable for more experienced players to even deal with? Just a couple questions I have, but ultimately I want to play on which ever us server that has the majority of people on it.

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The only way that we can make people play in the regular server, is to remove the beginner server in the first place. There is no point to join a populated server if three quarters of the people are doing nothing to help the community.
The challenges of the normal game play, makes natural selection take its course, and only the more advanced players will survive. Every mistake you make in a life, will help you to do better in the next one.

People don’t learn from their success, they learn from their failures.

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I’m a og ark player and I highy agree. You’ve got me sold after today the Beyond family is done with us beginner. Like I said I just wanted to play with the majority, but what’s the point if people are just going to sit there and berry munch. I’ve tried to help people learn, but it’s rare people adhear to the lessons. Until action is taken the best we can do is try to convince people to stop being scared to play the actual game and join us in the other server

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