Asking for updates

I have seen meny people ask for the updates OHOL makes, i see to that they make cool updates now.
(Right when YAH started, pretty weird :thinking:)
But since whe are YAH i dont think whe can add these updates.

I guess this is one of disadvantage of streaming away from one hour one life . But , i remember Jason gave permission to yah to use the content right ? Am I wrong ?

We don’t really know.

Yes, we had his permission, but Jason felt people were getting confused by a mobile version, so he asked us to do a hard fork and change the game in a new direction, including not taking his new updates. We wish to honor this.
The upside is that this will result in several additions over time which could not have happened if we had continued to be a straight adaptation of the PC game. We are more free to do things that the community is asking for now.