Attack of the clones

so i was born to an eve in a developing home, but soon realized clones were appearing everywhere. my mother and sister could see them too, but for some reason you couldn’t see your own.

they would age just like a normal person, but they couldn’t have babies and didnt need to eat

due to being in the beginner’s server, we couldn’t kill them. i am pretty sure if i wasnt in that server, they wouldnt die anyways. But I noticed that after my mother died of old age, her clones stayed and aged after 60. i tapped on one of them and the age said ‘65’

eventually they disappeared though.

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Oh. Someone already post it, I make a new thread talking about the same thing

It’s patched on android right now, you can update if you have android. iOS is waiting for review.

I was in that village just a second ago

You were there?

It’s out on iOS now.

Yes I was

Also I found a clone with no legs

If it’s out on iOS, then why are people still seeing clones?

I personally think that the release time between version 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 is too short . And also the server recognize 2.2.0 version as new version thus letting them play . I don’t even notice so myself until ember wolf asked me about my version. More need to be done to warm people about update when there is a big bug .