Auto Die

Ok, let’s say that you really want to be “Female 17” and u just can’t run away from your mom anymore because your fingers are tired, just go to settings and press a button!

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I like the idea of the /die function as it is on the PC version because a player who uses “/die” is then lineage banned so you’re not birthing the same player over and over again.


We desperately need the /die command.


Let’s add to this a /abort command for the newly proposed eve spawn mechanism.

This way a player born as a female doesn’t have to choose between working or becoming a breeder. Also the player born as a baby would benefit by having their potential eve spawn preserved.

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Oh man. Just NO. The game is designed so that an Eve and other females have babies. You’re asking for an entirely different game.

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Well there would be no difference between aborting them as a command or letting them starve to death or sacrificing them to a snowman god. The result is the same. My point was that it could also preserve the eve spawn position of the baby.


I like your mention of the snowman gods but i have to disagree on eves having a command to not have children. That seems to be against the spirit of the game and compleatly against jasons desires for it. Although /die commands seem perfectly in tune with the game. And the ones using it getting a lineage ban would also be extreamly helpful. You could tell your babies to use the die command if you were truelly wanting no babies… Although i dont know if that would prevent them from spawning to your sister or something.

Sorry, you didn’t understand the point I was making but it doesn’t matter anymore. The changes to the eve respawn condition that I linked are no longer being implemented.