Babies born at bad times

I wish babies couldn’t be born when Eve is dying. I have had an occasion when I was snake bit and had a baby. Then at a different time I was boar cut the baby suddenly is there and there is nothing I could do to help my baby. Another time I was a baby but my mom had yellow fever…
I try very hard to get all my babies to at least 3 years old, and feel awful when I die right when they are born.


Actually baby born when we are dying could save your spawned. When you play in not crowded server like Singapore, you can born there again when you have a baby. So the baby actually saved your spawned.

When a baby born but their parents died, eve will spawned near that orphanage baby. The program works that way. So if you are dying but a baby popped out from you, you could actually come back as their step parents. All you need to do is quickly log in after you’re dies, if there’s not much people on the server, you’ll become eve and spawned near your orphanage baby.


Thanks, I’ll have to try that. :slightly_smiling_face: