Baby birth rate

I am sure this was requested by someone a while back, but I find it rather dull to only have babies after your last one turns three. Since playing Ohol, I have found it more exciting to have babies at random times. It makes the game more clutch and you can become very skilled at easing kids (if it’s even a game skill at all). I don’t know how to make a poll, but for now just say what you think of my idea, thanks!
Also if you saw this game feedback I sent it in wrong channel.


My man they are also players. Let’s say your fighting a bear and the a baby pops up why? Because if there is no one playing the game anymore you won’t have babies so remember babies are real players. But in fact they should not add ETA for the players who wants to be born because it’s gonna be boring. So hope you learned something my friend :slight_smile:

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They most likely already know that. As if players join at the same time they will be born as twins,triplets,or even more. Thats what they’re saying i think

That’s an update you have to get use to it