Baby thief

Is there something we can do to make it a little more difficult for players to spend their entire life running away with a baby to leave it to die? I’ve run into this problem several times, and banishing doesn’t keep them from killing off the civ in a single generation.

The only thing you can do is to teach other players to jump from peoples arms if the player isnt helping them. Or teaching them etc. Most players will learn better after experiancing it once or twice. But i dont think theres anyway for the system to difrientiate someone trying to help a baby or planing to abandon them.

Sadly we can only jump after we reach 1 years old. If we freshly born and the kidnaper took us, he would just hold us for a long time until we starved to death.

Maybe makes a way for other adult could grab a baby from others.

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I’ve been teaching my daughters to grab baby as soon as it is born, and hold for 1 minute if they can at all, or pass to a trusted adult.
I’m newish and my first several lives I died because of being stolen.