How to make a balloon:

  1. Stack 5 pieces of paper
  2. Collect resin by cutting any tree with a knife for (name tree) with resin leak, then put a bowl under it for (name tree) with resin dripping in bowl.
    It can also be collected by putting a bowl under a tree for tree with bowl and them cutting the tree.
  3. Then cook the resin.
  4. Put the resin on the stack of paper for unconnected paper balloon.
  5. Use a rope for a uninflated paper balloon.
  6. You can also color the balloon with dye.
  7. Put stakes on a fire for fire with stakes.
  8. Put the balloon on for inflating balloon.
  9. After 30 seconds your balloon is inflated.
  10. Now, grab it and you have ur balloon!

You can put it on stakes to nail it to the ground. After 5 hours the balloon the balloon turns into a paper balloon without air and disapears after 5 minutes. If you let go the balloon, it flies in a random direction after 5 seconds. But if you let go the balloon and push it into a direction, it flies away. Then, if a eve sees that and travels the way the balloon came from you can be found! Its a very easy thing and if you need help or want to save your town and cant build a bell tower just use that. Then you can also hang a note on, like: ‘Come visit my town called claytown, go north’ or something.
If a balloon hits a tree, it takes 3 seconds to go further. If someone sees the balloon and wants to grab the note, they can grab the balloon if its stuck in a tree. And if it hits a wall, you can also grab it. It flies over the wall after 5 seconds. After 500 tiles the balloon falls on the ground and it expires after 1 hour. The note still remains. And if it hits a tree/wall 100 times the balloon also expires and the note falls out the tree on the other side of the place the balloon hit the tree. This is a great decoration and way to find help.


You should make a suggestion for confetti to go along with the balloons.



  1. Color 4 pieces of paper green, red, yellow and blue.
  2. Put them all in a bowl and make confetti with shears.
  3. Put it in a piece of paper for party popper without string.
  4. Put a string on and tada!

Now swipe to activate. The confetti wil disapear after 2 minutes if not collected again with a bowl. The party popper breaks when used so you would have to make a new one and use the confetti again.

Another thing:
Birthday garlands.
Conbine a rope and 4 pieces of colored paper for a nice decoration for any wall.