Banish corpse

Continuing the discussion from How Banishment and Banish Points work / 追放と追放ポイントの仕組み:

You can’t banish a child under three years old.But you can banish a baby’s body,dead body.This may be somewhat unreasonable.

Yes, you are correct. This is because there is no age information on graves. It is not impossible to add, but it would require some work. How big concern is this in the game, do you think?

I actually thought that about this once when I accidentally click on a dead body in camp while running. I noticed that the banish button popped up. It’s definitely a issue, but I don’t think there are to many trolls in the community.

I ran into this problem trying to play in Japanese servers. Now I just don’t play those servers.

I am b2 bc I was blamed for something I did bot do now I’m stuck with these points and people starve me when I’m a child bc of this is there a way to remove these points

As far as I’m concerned, playing the game normally for an hour or so is the only way to burn off the points.