Banished players

My daughter gave birth to a banished baby. This baby was a B3… and Ok ok… I get it. We all get upset about Griefers and hate when they ruin the game for us. But… from what I just witnessed, banished players get harassed for doing nothing. Maybe there can be a time limit on their banishments or maybe they can work off banishments by playing a number of games without griefing? It was just so hard to watch. :confused: this player didn’t do anything and was respectful as 2 others kept hounding her. I was spectating and saw that another player brought a bear to town twice and killed one but then died to the other. (This person was not one of the two giving the player a hard time) but they just assumed that she had done it based on her B3 rating.

It’s sad when that happens…

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There is a time limit on your banishments and you do lose them when playing often.


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