Banishment and Donkey Town

3 Things about banishing other players

  1. There seems to be no clear clarification about banishing people and whats happening to players who gets banished. When you don’t read the forums you don’t know whats happening to you or what you do to other players. It should be more clear that you send them to Donkey Town where they will play alone for some time.

  2. So for players who got banished there should be a statement why they are alone in Donkey Town and not playing with family.

  3. There should be a timer which says how long they have to play in Donkey Town till they get released to the public again.

I got banished one time. And i didnt know what was happening. The game just said you got banished. So i thought okay. Next round then. But i didn’t know my next spawn was in Donkey Town. So i started a camp like i would normaly do. This camp was so far away from everything else, that i had to leave it behind me, because nobody was spawning there.

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It should be taken out really ppl need to grow up. They banish you for everything even ifvyou didnt do nothing wrong.


I honestly think the banishment system should be explained right from the start. Not just in a tutorial. I think about maybe add an FAQ to the starting screen. @Maengish is totally correct, that if you don’t read the forum you basically know nothing about this system. Here is what I think should be right in every players face from the start:

  1. New and/or inexperienced players don’t know when it is actually right to vote for a ban, so often it happens that they vote just because they don’t like someone or they misunderstand a situation without asking why someone is doing something first. (Tbh when I was new I was much more ready to ban someone than I am now and that shouldn’t be the case). So in an FAQ it should be explained, that the main reason for voting to ban should be just when someone is griefing - everything else is (in my opinion, maybe others think different) absolutely no reason for it. Irl you sometimes also have to deal with ppl you don’t like, just avoid them as much as possible. But don’t ban! Maybe this lowers the problem @Jeremypantlin also mentioned.
  2. New and/or inexperienced players don’t know what happens to banned ppl. So pls explain in FAQ
    1. How many votes it takes to get banned
    2. Where you go to when you are banned
    3. How long you will be banned
    4. How long and what it takes to be unbanned again

From this I also hope, that new and/or inexperienced player a more careful not to do anything that might come up as griefing because they know right from the start what the consequences might be.

Maybe others can add something to the list. Also if there would be a FAQ on the homescreen we could in general collect some stuff that is necessary to know for beginners, that is not already included in a tutorial. I think the respawn system might be something good to add - for me it took the goodwill of Heidi to explain to me ingame and a closer look to explanations here in the forum.

If this is a topic @Christoffer and others think is a good idea, maybe open a new topic for „FAQ on homescreen“?

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I appreciate where you are coming from, but trust me: it is not easier to get new players to read a FAQ page than it is to get them to read the appropriate forum topic. Our lives would have been much easier if this wasn’t the case :wink:

New players don’t get a Banish Vote until they have played the game for 5 hours. There may be other things we could do to “hide” the button from players who don’t seek out the full information, perhaps? I’m open to suggestions.


Our plan is to remove the banishment system once there are no griefers playing online games anymore. Until then, it seems necessary to have it.

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i just thought there could be a question asked after you choosed to banish someone.
like a short survey :wink:

why did you choose to banish this player?
A) I don’t like this player
B) destoryed something
C) blocked something
D) didn’t raised babies
E) killed someone
F) stole something
G) inappropriate language
H) something different

thank you for implementing the notification in donkey town.
haven’t seen it yet :wink: but it’s nice to know it’s there.


Yeah might be my bias that I think ppl would read FAQs. When I asked like 8-9 ppl what happens to banished players all said idk. When I saw someone die after several votes, I just thought „Oh okay, they just die and can start somewhere new. Hope they don’t respawn here“. So my questions was „answered“ (incorrect) by itself. I didn’t look for further explanations until later.
Sadly I don’t know how else to keep new players from being voting happy. Except maybe experienced player telling newbies regularly to chose wisely before voting.

That could be quite interesting. The questions is, what happens with this survey? Does a vote for „I don’t like that person“ count less for banishment then „killed someone“? Then I think people would abuse the survey and always chose the worst choice. But if the survey just gathers information to find out why most ppl banish or get banished this could result in a more efficient way to look for solutions? :woman_shrugging:t2:


yes i would choose option 2 – just gather information and see what’s the main reason players banish someone.

also the answers should be random in the list. so you can rule out players, which only choose option one and go on.


also it’s kinda like you have to give a statement why you choose to banish someone. so people think twice next time.