Banishment fix or /die command

Can we get a fix soon to the banishment system. I never grief in this game. The worst I will do is suicide as a baby or eve if that’s not the playstyle I want to play as. Which I dont see as griefing because sometimes we wanna play in big towns and other times we wanna enjoy building up a small town. I think I probably got banished because of that? Idk but I think it’s silly. There should be a /die command for babies so eves dont suffer and that baby can be reborn elsewhere where they would like to play atm. Anyways this is my first time to donkey town so I think it just 30 min, but still frustrating as I’m always helping my towns. Even last night when a griefer killed the sheep I got. I just banished him and got another as he continued to grief in other ways. I do like having a banishment system in place, but think it could do some work. End rant.

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I agree. I only play in the no killing games. And I do my best to help out and be kind. I’ve had children disappear and though I searched and searched I get a message saying they hope I get banished. What? Some things in this game are really toxic and bring out an ugly side to people. It’s a game and one in which you interact with other humans. It shouldn’t promote hateful crap or arbitrary meanness. If someone is disrupting the game for others there should be a reporting system. And warnings etc. it shouldn’t be that someone can randomly remove another person from a service they paid for with no justification or based on misunderstanding and hostility


The banishment system is not designed to let one single individual banish anyone. There always needs to be several players who vote for banishment, before anyone gets sent to Donkey Town.

This is designed similarly to other online games that rely on some cooperation. A majority can kick a single individual, but no single player can kick anyone.

(However, if there some bugs which cause unwanted effects, they should of course be fixed. )

Consider the alternative, that you could never be banished no matter what. The history of the game shows that the toxic behaviors grow far worse under such conditions.


Thanks. That makes sense

I sometimes get cursed once and I get banished