Banning alternate accounts

Do you want to ban the use of alternate accounts on the forum?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would say the accounts that use alts should be banned too. That is if they still use both accounts after changing though.

Your free to debate below.

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Using alternate accounts to bypass a suspension is a big no no.


This is how it’s currently done.

We collect information from you when you register on our site and gather data when you participate in the forum by reading, writing, and evaluating the content shared here.

When registering on our site, you may be asked to enter your name and e-mail address. You may, however, visit our site without registering. Your e-mail address will be verified by an email containing a unique link. If that link is visited, we know that you control the e-mail address.

When registered and posting, we record the IP address that the post originated from. We also may retain server logs which include the IP address of every request to our server.

Vpn’s exist. Not much else can be done about this issue.

Oh but people can easily act the same if they have an alternate account. Besides that you also notice when one person has an undying loyalty for another account that they’re most likely an alt of that account.

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I mean if they’re not posting anything with an alt, no harm done. If alts are created with evil intent behind it though then they should clearly be banned for doing so.

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Lol. Nevermind. I can’t even with you. Good luck with your proposed initiative.

I don’t get it. What did he say?


What I said is exactly as seen above. The response was for that at the time. True though v

Translation? Lol
He’s saying that I am 1hourben and accused me of being an alt account of his in a private message. This is his explanation of how he drew this conclusion. Instead of defending my innocence, I’m choosing to ignore his ignorant, unsubstantiated allegation.

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That’s less idiotic but still incorrect. Honestly though, idgaf what anyone thinks about me. So feel free to speculate. Anyone who does is only confirming what I already know…
Edit: To clarify, (since WumboJumbo deleted his post) instead of being suspected of being 1hourben, I’m now being accused of being his girlfriend. Lol. Ridiculous


Did you have any specific and serious problems?
Please let me share the threat.

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What do you mean @taker?

Is there any problem so he wants to ban?

I do not know what the problem is.
Is there any inconvenience happening somewhere?
Did he suffer someone’s self-made damage?
I do not understand the specific background.

Will disasters fall to me too?

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Do you think we should ban trolls that ruin the forum and make the forum experience unbearable?

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This is an attempt to control a specific individual. They’re just being reactionary and overly dramatic instead of ignoring this person and using proper channels to avoid conflict.

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hm. Somehow I understood.

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I’m what way?

No. No it’s not. It has zero to do with control and everything to do with That specific individual’s toxicity. If by “control” you mean ending a specific individual’s violation of TOS for the forums, then, by all means, call it control. How you can fail to see that is beyond my comprehension.