Battle Royale

I can see this event being really popular amongst people.

Yeah that sounds very cool, but lets start with a small amount, because we don’t have a lot of players yet, and it would take a while for all the players to come. But i like it! Are there like weapons hidden or do you need to make them yourself?

So with all the griefing going on, i thought there should be a server dedicated to them. So they can kill each other the whole day.


You can choose a team or the game will randomly put you in a team so the teams have even numbers of players. Your clothes will have the colors of your team. You can take the clothes of your enemies but the colors will turn to the color of your team.

Spawn and Food

You spawn in the team area everytime you join the server. You can join as many times as you want. There will be endless food but you have to take it with you for the battle.


There will be a place for battle. It will have trees, pillars, obstacles even bears and wolfs randomly. So you can hide and spot your enemies but wild animals will hunt you down, so you have to move quick.


You have to craft your own weapons in your team area. The area will have permanent «peace lillys». So you can craft without getting killed.


The goal is to kill the other teams. There is a counter for the kills.

That is a great solution! Everybody could be happy! :grinning:

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Yes I would love a griefing and killing allowed server and see how long I can hide my stuff without getting griefed, like the Minecraft server 2b2d.

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yeah it would be interesting to see how many times i loose my bow and arrow and how many enemies i can hunt down. and how many times i get eaten by a bear. :partying_face: let the battle begin :bow_and_arrow::bear:

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I’ll probably make death traps for trespassers :laughing:

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There could be cannons on the battle server for destorying walls.

Also there are already iron sphere in game.