Bear poll

Bears should be removed.

  • Yes, they are to strong
  • No, they are okay
  • No, it makes the game challenging

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Please vote what you want.

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If you fear a bear it will hunt you down.
Do yourself a favor, and spend a couple of lives hunting a bear. He may get you ones or twice, but when you finally get him down… You will be a new person. Your fear towards him will be gone. You will become a bear hunter, and in another emergency situation, you could be our only Hope.


You spoke wise. Grab a bow, 3 arrows, go to a bear cave and kill it. Everyone will be happy, some even without knowing it.


They keep the game challenging.

One day I got tired of bears, so I learned how to hunt and started killing anything that is a threat to the village. It’s not really that hard once you learn how to do it. It makes this game more Challenging.

Be the hunter, not the prey. :bow_and_arrow:

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I think bear is fine . But many bears like 2 to 5 at the same time will destroy the village very fast . I always hope we have a bear hunting event in the weekend event. Nice way to train skill .

I try to explain how to stand on items and berry bushes when bears attack. A good tip is that if your a fertile female in a town and you see that theres a bear attacking just if someones taking care of it hide in the berry bushes untill its dead. Ive seen towns with many yung females die out quickly because everyone runs out of the berry fields.