Bear stew , rabbit stew , or large mills to store grain or rice

First, I would like to suggest bear stew. Ever thought of disposing the bear that died near the nursery . Then , bear stew is the answer. Cut the bear up , get the meat , remove the bone, problem solved.
Then, I would suggest rabbit stew. Rabbit stew will be make of like 6 rabbits meat. That is to remove excessive amount of rabbits people catch to make bags . The nature of rabbit bag and clothes spoiling also things worse.
We need large mills to store grain or rice. You know in any village , there are people who keep producing rice and grain to get the ingredient for fertilizer and basket that spoiled after you go to new village . If anyone have a design for a big mill , please suggest it . Think it like the deep well, able to keep to 50 or 100 bowls of grain or rice.
I also think that ■■■■ and soil should also be stackable to some degree to save space.
I know a lot people like bear hat . But I think bear clothes are less popular . And bear shoes is almost like a burden. I hope there are more use to them. Shoes in this game is almost no use and can’t see. Thus , the need to make new recipe that uses them. Thank you.


You have a lot of nice suggestions, I especially like the stew and rice/wheat storages idea :grin::+1: however I disagree with your statement about shoes, shoes help us keep the warm, and so they are very useful :wink:

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