Beginner guide to starting a settlement

I’ve only started playing recently and i’m finally getting the hang of it so i thought i’d share the most important things i’ve learned so far.

  1. Start with the tutorial and learn some basic recipes, you need to know how to make basic tools for whatever role you decide to play.

  2. Understanding carrot and rabbit spawning is key to not ruin a small settlement.

  3. The yum bonus is a hidden mechanic that slows the rate at wich you go hungry, try to eat as many different food sources in a row. Every new item you eat (indicated by a :yum:) stacks the bonus. Once you’ve eaten something twice the chain resets. (indicated by a :expressionless:)

  4. The best place to start as a new player after doing some tutorials is imo the no children server as it’s basically a solo server and alot less hectic not having to worry about feeding your kids. Find a place away from spawn that is untouched and practice the basics of building a settlement. If you can survive to age 60 you can respawn near your Home marker if you used a peace lily petal on it. (found in the jungle biome)

  5. A starting town needs to be close to a source of water for farming, preferably multiple sources of water as draining a pond will cause the ducks to dissappear along with their eggs. Ponds replenish water over time so don’t take water from the same one each time.

Basic recipes to get you started:

Finding a place to settle:
Home marker

Hunting rabbits:
Cooked rabbit

Wet clay bowl
Clay bowl
Stone hoe


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