Beginner servers

I was thinking we could get rid of beginner servers or the no PK in the servers because the griefers can easily destroy a city by griefing and it is better to just murder them then curse them because multiple people have to curse multiple times to get rid of them and their griefing mostly has already affected the village before you finish cursing them

Why do people choose to play on beginner these days, is it the slower hunger, no killing or both?

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The more prosperous cities and all of the bonuses (slower hunger, no killing, etc) but I haven’t seen many advanced cities in the beginner servers since the player base declined.

The towns and cities dont last long. People are annoying eachother and griefing the whole town. There was only one time i had a village surviving 2 days. I was the queen but that didnt last long, it died that day.

i think it’s because ppl don’t feed babies in other servers in order to advoid griefers.

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I think players on other servers are to unfreindly towards newer players.
The few times they arnt starved for possibly being a griefer they are told to play on the begginer server if they dont know what theyre doing. Thats why they stick to the begginer server.

I like to check out the begginer server every now and then to see how they are doing and my experiance is that the good players who usually get called pros by them tend to have to manage multiple jobs in order for the camp to survive and never get the time to teach others.

The problem i think is the slower hunger. Really new players can survive on berries alone their entire lives or people who dont know how to do anything living to sixty.

This could happen on other servers heck even i started doing that when i began playing the game back before begginer server existed. But it takes a lot more skill and understanding to be able to survive to 60 only eating berrys in a small camp then it would on the begginers server. I suspect most their players would die before 30 years old if they had to deal with faster hunger.

This makes it almost unecisary to learn new things and players just keep planting berry bushes because just berry bushes can sustain large familys.

So ultimatly the players with know how are stuck unable to show or teach new players. And new players have no need to learn to do anything even though they have more time to because of hunger.

So i was thinking maybe keep the server named but reduce the slwer hunger further. Maybe add a weapon that bypasses the no server killing… Idk what it would be but maybe a dart gun or something where pro players can kill griefers but the peace lilly would still work. I think the ability to kill griefers is vital to a groups capability to learn.

My reasoning is that players who are griefed will work together to save the town. They might notice that the player who was making compost is dead so they would try to learn it to save the town. etc.
And on the griefers side most begginer server griefers are players either anoyed with the begginers or begginers who got bored. The griefers will learn new ideas or how to make new things trying to find better ways to grief. And eventually when they stop griefing and play normally they might even be considered a pro afterwards.

Honestly I don’t get why people play on beginner servers…
I think they r kinda a waste of time other than learning new skills, which u can do on the new update the game just had.

I play on it because most other players do and the slower hunger, but I hate the no player killing

I played on the beginner server a lot for the slower hunger and no killing, also because I was trying to learn how to become a decent enough player to move to the normal servers.

However the beginner server is very discouraging because when you are the type of player that really wants to make a village thrive and grow, so many others in your village will just stand in the berry bush farm from cradle to grave and eat, and not help produce food so everyone starves if they don’t forage. It seems like a massive waste of time to invest your hard work in keeping lazy bums alive.

My enjoyment of the game has increased so much since finding other like minded players here and only playing with them. :heartpulse: