Beginners Quick Guide To Success 初心者のためのクイックガイド

Dear Lucky Reader :heart:

First things first make sure your settings (that cog in the top right corner) are for you.
Note: Far screen is what I recommend unless you squint and crush apples

Second make sure tutorial is on or turned back on if you fail to construct a steel axe in time in the tutorial to chop the oak tree blocking your path.
Note: That part took me 5 hours or 5 deaths to do but it was well worth it.

Third once you have completed tutorial successfully without suicide then you should join a server.
Note: Most players are English or Japanese

Third and a half if you spawn as baby be comfortable with it’s gender and mother to which you will follow endlessly until you have hair an working hands. If you see not 3 or more major sources of food then run with basket and sharp rock to a land of green that has it.

Fourth once you are an Eve you must seek out green land with 3 or more gooseberry bushes to support you and a another.
Note: Be aware the animals are all deadly and should be avoided including their favorite places, caves, dense swamp forest, deserts and mountains.

Fifth once you have found the holy land determine its resources and make a location for a future base to which you will construct farmland, skin rabbits and cook their meat on the coals of your glorious fire and use its bones and fur to make portable water containers and cloths.
Note: 3 sharp stones, 6 maple tree limbs, 4 ropes, 1 string, 1 rabbit, 1-2 baskets = a good beginning

Sixth choose a seed for your tilled land and dowse it with water from your furry sack you filled from a nearby goose pond.
Note: goose eggs (in a basket maybe) on a flat rock on a hot bed of coals on clay plate is a very useful food resource if you have a system.

Seventh continue the farm until it flourishes in 10+ tilled rows each 10 represents 4 people or a generation.
Note: Most use seeds of carrots or goose berries

Eighth skin all the rabbits :rabbit2: for their fur and meat to a point you have enough fur suits 7 rabbits, 5 string per suit. Fur can also make a back pack.
Note: Basket of rabbits and two traps make fur a lot of fun.

Ninth will be up to you wether it’s the smithing or the farming.
Note: Say something cool or funny before you die on the max 4-5 remaining food meter mark. Like “Long live the motherland!”

On this guide I die of old age 50% of the time but it’s only based on 20 games of experience so your criticizism is expected and needed.

Pleasurably yours

Mother of The Chosen

Google Translated:





あなたが赤ちゃんとして出産すれば、それはあなたが髪を手にしているまで、あなたが無限に続くジェンダーと母親です。 3つ以上の主要な食料源がない場合は、バスケットと鋭い岩を使って緑の土地に運びます。






注:最大4-5の残りのフードメーターマークで死ぬ前に、何かクールで面白いと言ってください。 「頑張って祖国!」のように