Bell Tower Rings

I have tried to find the answer to this question on the forum and elsewhere, so apologies if this has already been explained but I missed it.
When I’m playing on a server and someone rings a bell tower, sometimes it rings more than once in quick succession. I know some towns have two bells, but it seems like a statistically unusual behavior for someone to have two or three bells in one town and ring all of them impossibly fast. You would almost have to have another person helping.
My question is if this double or triple ring is a feature or a bug. I imagine that it could indicates your distance to the bell? Some kind of code that says you’re within 10 years by horse to the village or something.
If there isn’t any distance indication that would be an amazing feature, personally. It would be nice to know if it’s worth trying to get to a village.

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Has this happened to you in the us beginner server? Because there is a town that has 3 bell towers right next to each other touching, and I observed someone ring all of them in quick succession. You don’t need another person helping because they are touching and you can ring them all in about one second. Also the reason some towns have more than one bell tower is so ppl can identify what town it is based on the number of bells they hear. For example one town has 13. One town has 3. Some other town has 5. And if you hear that many bells ringing you know what town it is, unlike if a town with one bell rings because there are a lot of towns with one bell tower.

Yes, thank you so much, that makes sense! Is there a current map somewhere?

Map for which server?

US beginner

Indicating the distance would be great !
I dont think there any way to really do that now :thinking:
& i dont think we have a map for US beginner atm :pensive:

We are going to make as good of a map as we can while respecting ppl who want their town locations to be secret. We are gathering information now and will have as good of a map as we can in less than 24 hours.

I originally thought that it was a technical glitch. :sweat_smile:

Here is a map of the US beginner server. Some smaller towns are not included but most big ones should be there, all of them have bells. The reason Cursed City is so far away from the others is it is much older than them.

The numbers represent minutes to travel by horse.


With roads built & usin cars we can be zoomin between towns ! :joy:

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Another town?!

If you know where it is on the map I can add it. Maybe try going to any bell that rings and seeing what town you get to and how long it took.

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I stayed whole life no bells rang :pensive:
Maybe eve will be back tho !

Misty were you Bolveria Adam’s?

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Yes! I think that was my name :joy:

Aww you were my mom I was Osiris …:sweat_smile:

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Aww my son :heart:
I think everyone died there😔
But it was nice town!

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Yes it was ! I was shocked to see my sisters dead.
I saw the bell tower was being built so there should be an eve.

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I hope so! Then we can add to map!
I try find oil, but i messed up :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Do we have info about which towns have what number of bells? There’s a one with three to the east of my base but I haven’t been able to get there yet.

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