Bell Tower Rings

Yes, here is the info as accurately as I know: Highgarden has 13 bells. Fox Town has 10 bells. Faraday town has 5 bells. New Venice has 3 bells. All other towns have 1 bell. So based on that information your town is west of New Venice, on the map.

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from highgarden south and west about 3-5min is also a town. but i dont know the name. and it was a long time ago i was born there. but i remember hearing 13 bells north east :wink:


Cypress (2 bells) is 29 minutes west of New Venice, slightly to the south. Poplar Pond,(working towards 4 bells) with the double roads, is less than two minutes NNW of Cypress, and connected by road. Based on the map, Cypress should be pretty close to other towns to the NW, if we coordinate bell ringing I can go there and we’ll get more details for the map.



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Here is the latest US Beginner server map
The gold numbers represent number of bells

I can update the map if anyone gets new information or wants a new town added.

Do people on the forum who use the map like the old or new style of map better?

What about this to make the map cleaner: just have roads pointing to the right edge of the map and having >60 to the Cursed Town but not be to scale. This will let the other towns be more spread out.


I like this style map ! :smile:
I will look out for new towns !
The only one I saw was GoldVill with no bell yet & I no bells for direction :disappointed: