Best clothes poll

Why do i like making polls so much…

  • Seal jacket
  • Wool sweater
  • Wool hat
  • Sheep skin
  • Wolf hat
  • Turkey hat
  • Straw hat
  • Shawl
  • Apron

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Give the answer you want, and post why you chose this.
Decided to not use the most common clothes.


I like wolf hat because hey … it looks so cool. Rabbit hat looks charming , Straw Hat and skirt look good on girls . The feather make the hats looks better. Wool hat is nice and look so warm and cozy in it. Christmas hat is ok too.You forget the crown (wolf , leaf and carrots). There was once in the past I was addicted to crown to look like royalty . For the hat , wolf hat > wool hat >straw hat >rabbit hat. I am not a fan of seal skin(don’t look completely), turkey hat(ugly but interesting as it looks like a brain, tips: if you hunt for turkey and need more space for it , you can use it as a hat) and sheep skin( ugly, better to use it for saddle). Seal jacket is like a coat, makes you look handsome. Wool sweater looks warm and cozy and also like wool hat can be colored blue or red . I prefer red. I think rabbit pant is more popular than rabbit clothes hehe… Appron is super helpful to put knife in it for defense or medical use . For set , wolf hat + seal coat or brown goat shawl > straw skirt + straw hat with feather = full wool clothes set > full rabbit clothes set + snake shoes . Overall, I like the wolf hat the because it is so cool .

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The wolf hat is pretty cool.

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I prefer the apron over other torso cloths because they dont degrade after 5 hrs. But it does have its own shortcoming in that it doesnt provide any coverage but it is extreamly usefull for carrying food bonuse foods which if you maintain properly you will use less food items than if you were naked anyways.

or you could carry main tool when working so you dont have to fumble around with whats in your backpack.
Like your smithing hammer or the mallet when your spliting stones. Or the round stone when your making a fence line.

Btw for now its way better to turn red wool hats to Christmas hats. They give the most coverage… I think. Also they never degrade so it can be passed down through the generations.

Very same with your comment. A wolf hat is a good mark that you are a hunter and it also looks cool. Didn’t add crown, lioncloth and backpack because evryone would chose that. I think seal jacket is the best because it covers the hole body and it doesn’t take that long and much to make.

I would like a Bear hat. That will be a hat for the true hunter.

Yup, was thinking about that to on What about:

-Bear skin and shears to get bear rug and bear headfur.

-Needle and thread on bear headfur for bear hat.

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I love it


What about a pig hat?

Sounds cool

If you would suggest a hat with a new recipe , what would you think about? A vegetable hat? A bucket as a hat looks funny too.:joy:

I love the seal jacket. Getting it is relatively simple, even if you have to wear it a while before getting the needle. It keeps you warm enough that you don’t have to make anymore clothes.
It’s not as cool looking as the wolf or bear hat, but its warm and easy to get and make especially if you’re an Eve and need clothes for your children.

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