Best spot to start a settlement

You need three different biomes nearby:

  • Green for natural food, milkweed, branches and soil
  • Swamp for goose ponds (water), clay and reeds
  • Desert for warmth

A player who stays on the desert edge gets green temperature (look at your thermometer).
Green thermometer means that food lasts almost 5 times longer. A newborn baby can last more than one minute between feedings if its body temperature is green!

Is actually between swamp and green. The rest of the bioms are bonuses.

I would agree with this. Especially when the server map gets a bit old and there is migration of biomes you can find a green biomes next to a swamp biome and then sometimes just one or 2 squares of desert for the green temp baby rearing area!

My best eve runs have been like this. With 10+ generations.

Also the desert square is great for when you do a resource run - ie you start on the square then run and don’t stop moving and you will stay green until you stop.

An added bonus is when you are trying to craft something and just can’t remember a step and need to look up the wiki u can safely stick your character there for a few minutes. (Or for a toilet run)

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I once found a few squares of desserts and water ponds right next to it. I built a big berry farm there so I could use it as a nursery for the kids to grow and eat there instead of eating the carrot farm. When I finished the “nursery” I got bit by a snake and I had just enough time to tell people: Big berry farm on dessert East, I made…" and then I died, never to see with my own eyes how my work played out for the village.

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