Beta not in app store to update now

I downloaded it onto my tablet but I went to update the app so I could use it with my internet and it says I don’t even have it. However I can still get on the app on my tablet.

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Because it … not in app store?
It is located under testflight not appstore.

What is test flight?

I ddownloaded from app store. So how do i update?

You would have downloaded it from the App Store within test flight, to update the game you have to go into test flight and update it in there

I have android so?

Oh i am sorry i can only help with ios stuff T.T

For Android, you should download/upgrade through this link:

It will only work for Google Play accounts (email addresses) which have been registered as internal testers. I have registered your email, but if you happen to use a different email address for Google Play, then I need you to let me know, so I can register that one instead.


// Christoffer

I should add that if you are unable to get the update through the link, it could be because you installed the app from another source originally. Try to delete the app and then re-install it from the link, in that case.

Hey bro i’m can’t get a code for the game i’m are from Android

We have maxed out our Android testing spots, I’m afraid.