Beta server or best ping server?

Just a quick question regarding the servers.

Are we (as beta testers) meant to be playing on the beta server? Or do we just go with the best ping?

I guess should we aim to be on the beta server so best chance to get an advanced civilisation.

Or do the other servers need “testing” as well… or are they just up in preperation of a 1.0 release?

Don’t know if we had any guidance but would be great to know your thought process and get everyone on the same page!


I guess but I noticed that there is no actuall good place on the beta server for civilization to settle

Also today us server has 10 players


The server called Beta is simply the first one we had. When we added more, we gave them more telling names. They are all beta servers at this time.

There is no priority between them, but it’s always more interesting to play with others. Slow ping will increase lag, so pick one with a decent ping and other people playing.

Make sense?


Sure thing - thanks

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