Beta testing of the upcoming Observer Mode

The feature is not quite good enough to release yet, but it works well enough to try it out. This weekend we will enable Observer Mode on the Event server. Please try it and give us your feedback, so we might make it better before we release it for real.

As I mentioned before, this feature will have a purchase cost, but testing it out this weekend doesn’t cost anything of course.

Observer Mode will allow you to see what the living people in your family tree are doing on the Event server. You can also choose to observe a server instead of getting born. Once you are in Observer Mode, you can choose which player to observe among all players on the server.

I will not explain exactly how you use the feature, instead we want to know if it’s easy enough to understand by trying it out for yourself. If it is impossible to understand, please give us that feedback.

You will need to update to app version 1.4.0 to use the Observer Mode. We are building this version right now.

Good Luck and have fun!

// The team

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Version 1.4 is still waiting to be reviewed and approved by Apple. Hopefully this will happen later today, but we are not sure when.

We will release on Google Play to begin with and then release on Appstore as soon as the review has been completed. This means that iOS users will have to wait a little bit longer before trying out the Observer Mode.

Works fine on android, great future, now I’ll be able to see if my children bury me, I’m sure they havnt in the past.

The iOS release is rolling out now too. Soon in an AppStore near you…

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