Better lifespan mechanics 2

Better lifespan mechanics 2

I know I’ve put a lot of topics out there regarding this but I want to try and improve it as much as possible and after awhile of thinking I may have come up with a non complicated method that will make players think about what they do in their life

Lifespan points: they are a point in game not displayed to the player but effected by the players choice these points can vary from 40 (minimum) and (120) maximum these points represent how many years it will take until you die of old age so far the ways they can be changed are

Being active/moving alone will give you one lifespan point per 30 seconds

Being starving will take off 10 points from you for every 10 seconds

Clothing (any clothing) will give you five points that will not be taken for each peace

Any injuries or fevers will take away 30 points

And finally if you take care of young /feed hound (under 3) in any way you get 10 points

Points cannot be changed after 40years of age
If any points are taken when you are at minimum points it does nothing same with max points


It sounds nice but in effect for most experienced players the game would become 2hol since you could easily just shove berrys down a random babys throat or throw a coat on one for 10 minutes extra and even if your doing nothing for the camp its easy to just move around constantly and most players wouldnt explore out of safe areas anyways curently so most players wouldnt lose points for getting hurt from animals unless its bears or someone shanks them.

I think a total of 90 points would be better since it would only add a max of 30 mins to playtime. So that even if someone purposely doesnt help the town they dont really get rewarded since they wasted 40 mins for an extra 30 of playtime. Meanwhile the players who are active would get rewarded with even more time to keep doing what they want or need even if they weren’t focusing on getting extra points they are still likely to get the full extra thirty mins just from naturally playing the game.

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Ok I guess maybe I need to rethink some things I know that it would not be so beneficial if I tried to add handicaps for getting old so you start to become helpless as you get older but yes I do now realise it should be harder to gain points and easier to loose them

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