I want to new vehicle of bicycle. It is slower than a horse, but it doesn’t escape. If you attach a cart, it can carry as many loads as horse


I don’t know any bicycles that move on their own.


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Me, too

確かに、ローラースケートはなかなかロマンがありすね(* ̄ー ̄)

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i would like to see bicycles. maybe they should only work on roads. on grass they would be slow. so they wouldnt get stolen that often as horses.


the crank shaft could be the pedals for the bicycle. and we could use the new big wheels too. also a curved branch could be the handlebar. also isnt there a big rubber loop with some cut out notches. this could be the chain. we basically have all the things we need for a bicycle except for a frame. but some rope and branches will do that too.

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