Big in Japan (Observations)

Wow, this game is really blowing up in Japan. All three servers are hitting max capacity. From streams I’ve seen on YouTube, they seem to be more talkative and sociable than the English cohorts, even small stuff like “I’m back” from a short journey and responding with “welcome back”. Who knew that different cultures would have such nuances in gameplay? This is exciting to observe.

Although I say that, being born in a Japanese family line, I found that they’re not very good at staying alive. Every camp I’m born in, 9/10 I’m the last one alive, and making the farm by myself. I’m hoping someone will come across the small village I made as Eve and get a head start, although it’s quite unrealistic.


Well yeah @carbon I also like to play on jp server. I have no idea of what they say but they care for their family, no matter how small or big. They are good people :slight_smile: but they have no idea of what to do. I think the highest tech from them is to pick up milkweed. I once did a farm and they ate all the carrots that were on the “seeds” row. One of them tried to help by watering the rows but she filled it with salt water… Sometimes I feel like crafting a bow and arrow

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Are the descriptions of the objects translated for them in Japanese? Maybe they don’t understand. I also noticed that they’re usually focusing more on being nice than staying alive. But maybe the game is just becoming popular and they’re just kids playing. I say give em time to learn the game

Object names are translated, but we are improving the size and readability of the text for next update. That said, it’s easy to forget how much time one spent dying and wasting resources in the game before getting a bit of knowledge and experience :smiley:

Don’t know if there is any Japanese based tutorials on you tube.

I think people who started with the game on pc will have seen the progression from when farming was a lot simpler and not so many steps or nuances.

If anyone knows Japanese there probably is a nieche for a you tuber to make some money given the popularity there

I’m looking forward to the Japanese servers’ reaction when griefers begin to wreak havoc once they get a hang of the game. I wonder how they’ll respond to the brutality with their demeanour…

I found a new hobby: trying to teach the Japanese players despite the language barrier for an extra added challenge.

What are some strategies to overcome the language barrier while playing on non-English servers?


Hai = yes
iie = no
Baka = idiot
Eigo ka = english? (I suggest starting here)
kore wo mite = look here/watch this

I am far from a fluent speaker. Although I have a firm grasp on how japanese works, my vocabulary is severely lacking. This is all I could think of to help in this situation. For those more knowledgeable than me, please feel free to expand this list.


Watashi-wa baka desu = i am very intelligent

Or not ;D

do they understand when we type letters out like that? cus i do know the romaji for some words but have absolutely no idea how they look as actual jap words

From my experience most native japanese speakers are familiar with romaji. I believe they learn it in school because most international brands use it.

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Seriously, this game is huge in Japan. What qualities resonates with Japanese players? I’m extremely curious.

I think a lot of it comes from also being the busiest server I know for one living in Europe that the europeon server is often scarsley populated and many civs on there don’t make it as far as they would due to a smaller amount of players so it’s a lot of early game camps so I believe many Europeans and other more quiet servers just join the jap server because it’s much busier then there own and your much more likely to be playing with other people more then running around as a lonely eve maybe having one or two babies if your lucky

Sugoi! = cool

Yeah, the server is busy with non-Japanese, but I kinda know that. I like to play on them myself. It’s more like there’s a stronger social media presence on the Japanese side.

Thanks for the info! Indeed I find it amazing seeing as how it’s not popular elsewhere lol

Are the server options location specific? I’m not sure, I’ve seen players from both sides playing on the other (US/Singapore/Europe and Japanese servers). How exactly is that changed?

Through language settings?

Tried that. Fruitless.

if I choose japanese as first language, and choose none as second, I can go to japan server, if i choose Chinese or English as first language, I can see the us/europe/Singapore server