Big update coming next week

We are not publishing any game update this week. The changes we have been working on are too big to get done in a single week, so we aimed for two weeks this time.

These are some of the news to look forward to:

  • Cursing system. You will be able to fight back against griefers and killers by cursing them. If enough players curse a griefer, they will be banished from your settlements until they have worked off their punishment.
  • Dogs & Puppies content update.
  • Tree planting content update.

There will also be some user-requested small improvements, like being able to lock orientation (portrait or landscape) and things like that.

// The team


Thank you for working so hard!

Omg! Puppies! I want some puppies!

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Dont we all?

Eve spawnbug will be fixed ?

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please fix it soon the spawning problem. everytime i get a nice place going and die of old age i spawn as an eve in a other city. i hate it!!! it is really bad!!! dont wont to be there at all!!! after an hour of gameplay building my own town, i dont want to be in a other city as an eve.

happend even twice today


This is an old post dated Sep. '18

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Ok let’s not get technical here buddy