Big update next week, and no event this weekend

We plan to make the Family Ties IAP available in next week’s update! There will also be a content update that includes fishing! (data version 164)

We don’t have time to prepare a new event for this weekend, so please enjoy the regular game mode this weekend instead!

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great long weekend!

// Your friendly dev team


Can’t wait for the update, now the worms have a use


We are uploading this week’s update to Apple for review right now. Unfortunately, the Family Ties is not part of it. We are not quite satisfied with the quality yet, and want to work a bit more on it before we are ready to make it available.

We know many of you are waiting eagerly for the observer mode and other features in Family Ties and we apologize for the delay. We do have a good update for you though, and a new type of event to play during the upcoming weekend. I will make two new threads about the update and the event, so stay tuned for those.


Any idea of when jungle biomes will come to mobile? Just curious.



Sounds really exciting I can’t wait!!