Bird's Eye

Thank you Christoffer for giving us a few more tiles to see than Jason did.

However, it can still be hard to plan out your town when you can only see so much.

I suggest Bird’s Eye mode.

Depending on the game mechanics, it could give more use to the Christmas tree.
Let’s say, you have to make a Christmas tree, and once you have acquired birds, you can click on the tree, and go into birds eye view. You can now see let’s say (25x25?) tiles around the tree.

The point of having to make a tree first is to hopefully deter griefers.
Also, if you are in birds eye view, you can’t move your character around.


I like the suggestion, but are there ways that people could cheat/abuse it? What about realism? :thinking:

i like the idea of seeing more of the town so you can make screenshots and see where the griefer is.

also i like you can do this as a character and not just put settings to far away.

kinda like a watch tower.


Well like Heidi said, it makes it kind of like a watch tower, which is realistic. However, if you wanna talk realism, we can pick on the game all day. ;D

And I would hope that not being able to move, kinda messes the griefers up. Also, a lot of griefers don’t really play the game properly anyways, they may not know about the tree or even find it. But I understand the concern.


You’d be looking at a different angle though.

I have encountered a lot of griefers that are quite keen in their knowledge.

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I just don’t see how it would help a griefer much anyways, if they couldn’t move. Explain more?

Also, we are walking sideways on a birds eye view, the angle itself is already very unrealistic.

You don’t have to move to use a weapon like a bow.

But the bow and arrow is limited in reach and if obstacle are blocking you can’t use the bow and arrow anyway.

So in real life you go to a higher point to see more. for now there is no object in game you can climb on. and the game earth is flat. you can’t hike a montain.

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Seeing more doesn’t necessarily help you use a bow though, because it has limited range. Anything else?

Also, it could be made that you cannot move your character at all until completely out of birds eye mode, that way, you cannot walk to a place that you clicked on while in the mode.

If it were that way, there really wouldn’t be an advantage for a bowman, he would still have to chase down the character he wishes to harm.

Well, okay. Sounds good. :slight_smile: