Birthplace: Some problems from a new player.please help me

My home is in the NO KIDS server.
I am going home today.
But the birthplace of this server has changed.
I walked for a long time to look for my home and some buildings I remember.
But nothing.
I only found buildings that I had never seen before.
Is the birthplace of the world changing?
Can I go home later?

I’ve heard that the childless server moves the spawn position by 1000 squares at regular intervals.
If you purchase a paid solo server, you can only spawn on the marker side for the expiration date, and you used to use it to build your own village.
There is also a resurrection marker, but I haven’t tried it to be useful on a childless server.
I would like to wait for a detailed explanation.

Thank you very much.:heart:I think I’ve got it.I will go to a normal server with my friends

resurrection marker can be used in the childless sever.I tried it just now.

the spawn position changes with every eve that spawns. but you can make a permanent marker at your favorite place. this way you can go back there.

for permanent marker use a peace lily on a regular marker made from skewer. you will hear a bell ring if you placed the peace lily correctly.

peace lilys are found in the jungle.

you have to do this just once per server. only place a 2nd peace lily, if you want to change your favorite spawn position.

for activating you spawn at the peace lily do the following: live at least 10 minutes and let your bones be buried with a tombstone.

How long will the spawn position change?

Thank you for your help.:heart::heart:ovo
by the way.
how long will the spawn position remain?
Will the players’ buildings be all over the server?

On EU-2 the spawns go in a spiral south-east. I did run into other Eve’s by random chance. They were nearby around maximal 500 tiles. Seems even smaller than that.

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