Blueberries are kinda annoying

A few lifes ago I made cake for the first time (I tried once before, but gave up as my town didn’t have a cow.) and everything went pretty smoothly even if I didn’t know the specific steps. Then I came to the blueberries. I searched about 3 minutes for a rock biome and when I finally found it the blueberries were not even flowering. I waited about 7 minutes for them to fruit. I didn’t want to leave as I didn’t know how long they’d be fruiting. When I finally got a full bowl and returned to my town I realized that I needed another bowl and ran back, hoping they’d still be fruiting. Luckily they were.

I thought to myself, it shouldn’t take that long to get some blueberries, but if you just lowered the time it took them to fruit, they’d make a too convenient early game food. So I came up with this recipe idea:

I think it should be complicated and expensive enough to keep it from making blueberries the new gooseberries, but still easy enough to make a few for your bakery.


I understand your troubles. When I first made a cake it was exactly the same for me. Ever since I just take some labeled crocks and a bowl with me in a cart to store some blueberries for the future. This works very well.

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It’s still pretty annoying that you can’t domesticate them. They’re a mandatory ingredient of a late game recipe and there are blueberry farms irl. You can plant or at least move pretty much every fruit or vegetable I could think of that is already in the game, just not the blueberries. OK, and the bananas, but they’re too op to balance.


Actually moving them would help a lot with my town designs :sweat_smile: they are sometimes in the way. And using them for decoration would be also nice. I mean what would speak against replanting them like raspberries? Wouldn’t be op. It takes eternity for them to grow berries and then it’s just half a bowl per bush. So I actually agree to your suggestion. But I would plant them into ground I think and not into a big bowl (but it looks very nice in it!) - or ppl might just run away with it and it ends up never where it should be - near bakery.


That’s exactly my problem with them. That’s why I wanted them planted in a special way, so they are clearly different from wild ones. The ones I want to make with my recipe can’t produce berries automatically, but can be forced with a bowl of water to produce them very fast. I even thought about making them yield a full bowl when harvested, since you invest water to get them, but I’m not sure if that would be balanced.