I used to play this game a lot, Ive been playing for 2 years now and i see the game getting really boring, Public servers are sometimes dead/Griefers, I do play on private servers but what now? I made a town, did the things that i wanted to do, Got connected with people to play together, And thats it…I feel like the theres nothing to do now, Does anyone have any ideas/advice on what should i do next? Ive been having trouble thinking…:woman_shrugging:


Nahhh I totally getchu, i get these phases when I burn out, leave the game for a couple months, even years, and then I come back for a while with new passion, do a lot of stuff, make friends, and then, burn out. I guess it’s a phase for everyone playing this game


Yep, true. You can always try wild stuff like making a car or radio, or a railroad that goes a long distance, but in the end taking a break works too.


Yup, couldn’t word it better

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I pretty much play in between other games. I stopped so long when TotK came out that my walled in city got reset :sweat_smile:

So yeah, it gets old sometimes. I tried to jump into OHOL recently but are kinda mean there, the mechanics are different, and a lot of the recipes are somewhat different too.