Brasil characters and servers

Pls MAKE Brazilian characters and Brazilian servers,ITS so hard to undertand english,i WANT to play and undertand what the others are saying.

English is a very common language. I highly recommend that you learn it.

I know learning languages is hard, but its a very useful skill, especially if your native language is not very widespread (nat that your native language isn’t, just saying in general). You should use this as a motivation to learn! Though I suggest learning english over mandarin, from my experience mandarin is much harder to learn.
In general, if anyone travels overseas a lot or they really want to push themselves and communicate with the most people you should learn 3 languages:
English, one asian language (best is mandarin), and one european language (spanish is best here).
Im going a bit off topic here, so ill stop.

Your problem is the player base, not the server placement. If you are the only player who speaks Portuguese, then it doesn’t matter where the server is. If we get hundreds of players in Brasil, then it makes sense to put a server there. So please spread the word of the game :wink:

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É muito difícil hahahaha

i’m brazilian we can talk anytime

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