Made by Safe Haven

  1. Maple Syrup

Could implement a sugar maple tree (leaves could be red/purple) or just let it be harvested from the already existing Maple Tree in game.

Slash maple tree with knife. Just like the harvesting of rubber.

Place a bucket (just like rubber) to gather maple sap

To make maple syrup add 2 buckets of maple sap in Crock. Boil and you can get bowls of maple syrup could just drink it or add to pancakes

  1. Pancakes.

(Would use the same amount of dough as a pie)

Place dough on hot flat rock similar to an egg. Could add a flipping animation but to make things easier it turns brown when ready.

Can stack up to 4 pancakes on 1 plate. Eating one each time.

Could add either maple syrup, butter or both.

  1. Bacon

Take one chunk of pig meat. Slice into 8 slices of bacon with knife.

Can fry up to 4 at once on hot flat rock.

Could be eaten by itself or with a breakfast meal. (Keep reading)

  1. Breakfast meals

-Basic Breakfast: Could either be 2 of these choices on a plate. Egg, 4 slices of bacon, 2 slices of bread/toast, Hash browns. Can be eaten 3 times

-Big Breakfast: Could be 3 of these options Egg, 4 slices of bacon and 2 slices of bread or Hash browns. Could be eaten 4 times

-Deluxe Breakfast: Egg, 4 slices of bacon, 2 slices of bread and hash browns all on one plate. Can be eaten 5 times

  1. French toast

Take 2 slices of bread placed into a bowl and crack an egg into it as well. Mix with skewer. Place the battered bread onto hot flat rock to create French toast. Place on plate. Can be eaten 2 times. Can add maple syrup, butter, a bowl of gooseberries, 2 of your choosing or all 3.

  1. Hash Browns/Home Fries whatever

Take a raw potato and place it into a bowl. Cut it into chunks with a knife giving you potato chunks. Place on hot flat rock to give you Hash Browns.

Can be eaten once or put into breakfast meals

  1. Muffins (little more work to be implemented)

You would need to forge a muffin tray able to hold 8 muffins. The amount of dough needed for a pie would fill 2 of the muffin trays so you would need a whole bowl of dough for a full tray of muffins. Can be plain or you can make banana muffins or gooseberry muffins.

Place muffin tray into hot oven.

When they’re ready you can take a muffin out individually and place them onto a plate. Can be eaten once. You can also add butter to a muffin on a plate.

You could also implement a frying pan/skillet and use that instead of a hot flat rock to cook the food. I hope one of these suggestions can be added. I’m open to ideas or changes :blush: @Christoffer


Don’t forget chicken tenders!

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The ones from the KFC?

But u need orange juice to make it a real breakfast ;-;


And cheese. Gotta have CHEESE


I thought they already had cheese… cuz u know cows @-@

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I like Cookng hope!!~~ lol :slight_smile:


I really want to eat breakfast, too! :drooling_face:
Your opinion of bacon is similar to what I think.
So I tried to express it in pictures.
Bread and omelet can be placed on the side.
Of course, it is possible to eat only bacon.:heart_eyes:


Wow that looks amazing! Nice drawing to. I like the ideas.


Thats good idea :heart::heart:
i think pork has less recipe now :sob: so i wonder more recipes about pork
It looks delicious


I just discovered this thread and love everything in it…especially CHEESE and BACON!

And I would add QUICHE! Pie cruse with mixture of 1 egg, bowl of milk, and then optional items like cheese, mushrooms, bacon, pork, onion, even squash or beans or potato!

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