Breastfeeding after being over 40 years old

Even if mother is over 40, try to keep her baby from being hungry while she is hugging her baby.
Or, if baby’s mother is over 40, I want her to be able to get out of her mother’s hug.

Even if you are over 40, you can still breastfeed if your child is under 3 years old.
For that you need to drop it down and hold it again.
If continue to hold baby after the age of 40, baby will become hungry.

Occasionally, there are people who continue to hold their babies even after they are over 40.
Some of them have dropped out of the game, some haven’t even noticed that they’re 40, and some are crazy about talking.
In any case, hungry babies are overlooked.
Until the baby is three years old, the baby cannot get out of the mother’s hug.
People around can’t help, and the baby dies in mom’s arms.
It is very sad to watch it.
Please change the specifications.


i encountered this problem as mother and baby. i didn’t noticed that my character was too old to breast feed the baby. as an baby it’s more obvious because of the alert. maybe there should also be an alert for the mother. just the change of the character appearance isn’t enough sometimes when turning 40.

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