Bug , disappearing of an item

A few days ago i was bringing a lamb in a sheep penn.
But unfortunately i got bit by the mosquito resulting of a disappearance of the rope i was holding causing the lamb to roam free.

Im highly positive this glitch also occurs if you received any other debuff such as wounds caused by arrow , knife , pig , wolf , ecc.

If some people have a different opinion such as “the game was meant to do that in order to make it harder” i disagree to your disagreement. Cmon let’s talk real here , they even made banana peels a thing.

Well that was me making a long unnecessary post for a simple bug.

Also i didn’t want to voluntarily make a pun with bug and mosquito.


This is the designed behavior from the PC version. I don’t think it’s done this way because Jason thinks it is great, but because it was the best he could make without a whole lot of extra work. When you get bitten, you drop the item you hold, but there is no such thing as a non-held roped lamb defined in the game, so he let the rope disappear when you drop the roped lamb.
We try to adhere to the designed behaviors from PC when there is not a very strong reason not to, so that’s why you see it in the mobile version too.