Bug: mom pick me and my sister

My mom pick me up(0 years old) and my sister (3 years old) is doing her chores about 6 tiles away. When my mom put me down, she pick my sister automatically so she’s flying in the air at the place she works at. More weird is, when my mom put me down i was sliding to exactly same spot as my sister is.

Then, my mom can pick me up again eventhought i was far from her. It still happened until my sister is big enough so she can’t be pick anymore and i was about 3. But I’m still sliding to my sister place whenever my mom put me down.

I already recorded it but i can’t upload it in this site because it’s not supported video, nor in my YouTube account (i think i have trouble with my YouTube app).

Oh… I don’t know is this just happened in my phone or it also happened in their (my family) phone too. They speaks Korean so i don’t know what they’re saying.

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This is one of the things I don’t like about Discourse, but it’s still a good forum hosting site.

Same, this is an pretty common thing. It happens a lot in game. Hope this Gents fixed.