Bug: puppy stuck

We breed puppies today and we have German shepherd. We fed her and got 3 new puppies. We didn’t fed pitbull because it’s dangerous. So we fed the bagel puppy instead (or was it begel? I don’t know dog’s name). After giving it a bowl of carnitas, it didn’t grow and didn’t move at all. It stuck on something.

Were you able to pick it up and move it?

I can’t

Hmmm i think its pathfinding is bugged. If it cant move it cant grow since the growth of animals is based off of movement in game.

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It might be trying to path find into the log stacks, firewood stacks, or the oven. Since they block movement it might be forcing the puppy to stay put. Or its 3 second timer for movement is messed up.

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You’re probably right.

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Probaly last thing. Last time there was one stuck and i moved evrything around but he still didn’t move.