Bug: Suddenly inside other player/unplayable

I suffer this strange bug for almost a week now, where i suddenly “posses” others. So the game shows me as someone else, but i can’t do anything. Sometimes everything but the character is black and if i close and reopen the App it treats me as if i died too fast so i get the timer and have to wait. Sometimes happens more than once in a row so the time even keeps building up… :confused:

i hope @Christoffer sees this. i never saw this before.

Yeah, I also been having bugs for the past week too. When I’m just in my base doing my thing it just makes me disappear on my screen. Then a few seconds later, I come back. You guys know what’s going on?

I had this big too and was played as

Could you report this through the in-game method too, since that will give us info on the device you are using?
Does this happen for you on all servers, or is there one in particular?

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Im playing almost exclusively on Us-Beginner 2. I think it happened once during a weekend event too…


Thanks, I see the email!

We will try and find out the reason and fix it.


If happened to me and someone else I talked to

Like him it also happened on us2 server for me

So, is it similar to the observer mode? (except for the black sometimes happening)

Yes it is but u can control the other player and they can’t do anything but watch

Also when ur getting control u get kicked out of game than when u come back someone else is playing u

Yesterday i also happened to be a baby that was carried by an old man when it happened. He dropped me, but then i was controling both characters at the same time, so that the bb ran a little bit behind the grandpa bc slower running speed… this time it turned back to normal when i closed and reopened the app.


I am using Samsung galaxy s20+5g android. This also happened to me in us server.