Bug with high grief potential

In my last life I saw something worrying. Someone had started digging a hole in the middle of a street. Not only was that pretty unrealistic and blocked our path, it couldn’t be fixed either. We tried baskets and shovels, but we couldn’t pick up the dirt in the hole to fill it back up. This needs to be fixed.


if there are already floors, you shouldn’t be able to make the stakes into a square. maybe they should skip that option, when something is already there.

also you can’t place a fence there. it’s weird you can make a ditch.

I think it would help if you were just not able to dig there. And if you do, it should be removable. The way this hole works creates an easy way to block paths permanently. You literally just need stakes, a flat rock and a hoe.

the problem is, you can also stack floors this way. i tried that befor and the floor underneath disappeard.


I have moved this post so griefers won’t see it, will move it back once fixed.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work to pick the dirt up. We will look into it. Thanks for reporting!

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We found a way to fix this issue. You won’t be able to make these after the new release is out.

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