When I was collecting rabbits , somehow there is a bug when I put the basket of the 3 rabbits into the trolley . The rabbits fall out from the basket and the trolley and then rabbits keep spawning for nothing . And can I ask when the snake bit the horse with the trolley , how long it takes to be able to move . Many Japanese and I face the problem and we are stuck there until we gave up . There is some problem as I can’t name some children. Is it related to the relationship or is it a bug? I recommend reducing the number of mosquitoes as I see a lot of them in other places than near the tropical area. I keep getting sick when I try to move to another place. Maybe can the developers develop a way to avoid mosquito or kill them.

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Hi, we believe the first issue to be a visual bug. The objects are there but somehow in wrong places. The second issue (can’t get off the horse) has be fixed in the latest update. The third issue (cannot name child) is still under investigation. The fourth (mosquitoes) one is about game balancing. We use the same number as Jason uses in his PC game. I think in future update they may either be reduced or there will be ways to eliminate their threats.