We can’t get water from the river in barrels

Not a bug. That’s not a river but a Rice field. It looks weird if you can remove the water from one tile in the middle and get a hole in the ground instead, so that’s why it’s not permitted.

We see in the book that we can get water .And I think it’s useful ,Can you not delete it ?

The recipe in the book is left over from a previous version of the game and will be removed in a future update. It was accidently included in the game and was never meant to be an available feature.

Imagine a swimming pool with a perfect square of water missing along the sides or in the middle. It would look very odd wouldnt it?

There may be a way to remove them someday using a difreant way to section off the tile and drain it but until then we all have to be carefull with our water rice field placements.

Thank you for your explanation

the water can’t pick up even in a single tile? I hv done that before, I can pick out the water again and return all dirt in the hole and get the stake back. I thought only joined water tiles can’t pick water up, or it already chnage?

Im not sure about single tiles but you definatley cant on joined tiles.