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Wierd layering glitch involving chests and boxes.

There’s also a glitch where you can’t drop Dug Big Rocks

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O[quote=“Ben_efitThe7th, post:3, topic:1820, full:true”]
There’s also a glitch where you can’t drop Dug Big Rocks

I have experience with this glitch. It has to do with lag. It actually will happen with all items if you run far enough. There are 2 workarounds. First is you stand on one side of the rock, pick it up and set it down on the other side of you. You then move to the other side of the rock and repeat.(this is actually the fastest way of moving rocks) The other is to stop on the tile you clicked on, on the edgeof the screen.

As for the boxes. I like this bug. It makes it easier to see what’s in the box.

Thanks for reporting these bugs! Good to have you active players here! It’s very difficult for the two of us to test all objects.

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don’t know if it is a bug or something just in the PC game

whenever I make a fire after using an ember on a pile of tinder I end up with a leaf in my hand
in real life it would be used up and so should be in the game as well

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Why cant I get in to the Europe server? I obviously live here and would like to play without lagging. Is it because of my iPhone 5s? I can’t live out my dream on jp-normal-2 :sob:

I really love your game Jason.

Update your game version, so you are on the same data version as the servers.

LMFAO!!! The one thing I did not think about. Thank u very much my beloved human🤗

Update the app.

A Loose Fence with a Shovel doesn’t go A Fence Kit even it’s in 2 sec that The loose fence had been beaten by a Mallet.

I need help i cant get my version to be 159 mine keeps on staying on 128

You can get new version(1.5.0) apps from store apps, like GooglePlay(if Android) or AppStore(if iPhone or iPad).
Must simply way is uninstall apps and download from store apps again.
If you cannot update from both store apps… I don’t have idea.

Sounds like you are still running the beta version. The beta testing of the game finished long time ago. Please uninstall and purchase the game on App store/Play Store.

Even though I choose Japan1server or Japanbegginer1server, I’m sometime born in English people’s village.
Is this bag or specification?

Sorry, is this bug or specification?

What languages are you choosed in settings?
Everyone born to same language mother.

I choose Japanese as my main language.
But English was selected as my aditional language without my realizing.
Is this cause of this trouble?



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