Building a city , Join our dicord server

Hello everyone , i would like to announce our new Discord Server.

I would like to start by telling: we are not “coders” or whatever that thing is. We are just people that want to play the game as it should be.

We are aiming to create a city and we’re already in a good start so far thanks to some of our experienced members.

We are willing to play with anyone wether you’re new or experienced.

But before you join , i kindly ask you not to start any drama with anyone. We have created this so people with common goals are reunited in the same group.

Just add me on discord and I’ll add you on the server.



And what is ur family called

Mine is the smiths I created I am dead though

Oh i saw that family once.
Regarding about our family name , we dont have an official one. Everyone can call himself however he wants.

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I’ve been playing as goonsquad, I’ve just been building massive berry farms so the new people don’t die out,

Because if we don’t teach the new players they will never get better.

Watch out for the goonsquad saving the noobs :call_me_hand::+1:


It’s interesting how people on mobile differ from the PC version. Here, because our population is so annoyingly low, the only way to make a city that lasts is to quickly speed run a bell tower in the day when more people are on and then use that bell tower to find your way back again when your families inevitably die out during the night. Even this is really hard though, explaining the rise of organisations to make it happen. On the PC version they just have enough people to do it normally so there isn’t the same amount of stuff on the forums : ).


Eve spawns are more affective then bell towers atm at keeping a city alive

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And eve spawns u get with a bell tower

Yes but a tower also comes with unwanted affects right now, thats why we are building ours in a 2nd location. I know noobs are important but if noobs outnumber or even equal pro players in a town that town will go to ■■■■ real real fast.

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Ok but if i see a code know it will end like the bell town

We have already explained, there is no more code. Simply you will be asked to leave our city if you are not in our group. There are exceptions to this even.

There will be no city

:roll_eyes: whatever

There will be a city with players that are pro enough to teach noobs and in my eyes u guys play like noobs also the towns u make are in no way symetric and unlogical. If u wanna learn how to play u are welkome to join us

Perhaps we need to established some ground rules for how to teach new players as efficiently as possible. We could grade our levels of knowledge so as to quickly understand how advanced someone is and therefore what we need to teach them. I’m going to write a topic on this : ). It seems that improving the general knowledge of the mobile population is especially important considering the low population on this edition. More new people will always be coming after all, but they don’t need to learn much to be effective in a village, letting the pros get on with building a combustion engine or making a stack of tacos, or whatever. I think something like this happened on the Japanese Servers, where they actually have enough people for this game to work properly : ).

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Oh , don’t worry , i played with the “coders”. I know how bad things would end if we followed their paths.
I’ve seen trough my eyes them going against eachother which i found pretty hilarious if you ask me.


I’m so glad knowing now that joey is still ben anyways. Love how your talking with each others alts. Great communication!

We can’t control Ben and we don’t try to. That’s not our objective but thanks for contributing to the conversation and bringing this to our attention.


Sorry if i only created my forum account 24 hours ago. My fault for not knowing who everyone is.

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I only just learned it myself recently too in fact. It’s alright.