Building a Railroad

if I understood right, yes I did build something like that.

if it looks like this


Yes! My plan is two of these, with the End piece you have at the bottom left actually continuing, running to the second loop.


I kept forgetting to take screenshots but yeah basically the same layout. I made 2 flags and it went smoothly back and forth a few times, but now one of the carts is stuck again (probably for as long as the other is moving - and its almost a minute for one way lol). I had hoped the work would pay off more but well, still a nice “attraction” for the town.

Edit: The cart remains stuck and wont move with the flag. now i have a cart on either end :roll_eyes:


So on the cross sections the carts will automatically change direction? That sounds really interesting, maybe you can share your progress here :)) Also for the guide, how exactly do you make cross ones? do you still only need one track kit?


try to tap the last cart without flag.


the carts cant go the other way through a turntable. we tried.

they can go in only one way and go out the other three ways.


Tbh i don’t really understand it, but through a combination of tapping, flagging and waiting i usually get both carts to where they’re supposed to be lol.


Well, I have figured out the limits on railroads, and they are pretty significant. I did not really understand what you meant, @Maengish, when you said carts “can go in only one way and go out the other three ways”. But now I realize that the turntables create an actual blockage, because the “out” direction is ONLY the direction of the arrow. Yes, you can set that arrow to any of the four cardinal directions, but that is a hands-on process involving removing the tracks themselves and resetting the arrow with a chisel and smithing hammer. And once set, the path through the turntable is unchanging until you go through that process again—the reverse flag has zero affect on the way a cart is allowed to pass through a turntable!!

So my lovely Home station is really a dead end…my cart can leave the station but never return…

And my Mine #1 station will not let my cart back in once it has left! I had intended on extending the rails past this point to a second mine further north, but now know that will not work…the carts will get stuck when trying to go back through any turntable.

Very disappointing.

Clearly, the design is for EITHER a perfectly straight path, with no turns…carts can go back and forth using a green “reverse” flag….OR a loop, where a cart never turns around, but travels in a continuous circle (meaning double the length of track, one side going out and another side returning).

Since a straight line from my mines to my forge is impossible, I guess I will have to go with a loop…but good grief that will take a lot of iron and wood!!!


Oh noo… Well the term “turntable” is misleading fr, you’d think that if it can turn at all, it should be able to turn back as well.

So about the loop - There is no way to stop it, except with the red flag? I imagine that to look pretty fun - but be super unpractical if you just want to move some iron and have to wait for the right moment your cart rolls by so you can try to stop it :melting_face:

If they ever add anything to the game, simple rounded corner tracks would be awesome!

Still, idk what server you play on, but i’d be glad to help :slight_smile:


I plan to have one that goes all around and have it constantly going around and have a red and green flag at each station. It’s more for looks not gonna lie. But thinking about smelting all that iron had me shock. I’m literally 15% done. It’s a project that’s making me sweat :sweat_smile:


the developer saw a huge problem with mulitple carts on the rail road. the carts would all get stuck on the track, if they get released in opposite direction. thats why there are no simple corner rails, so we dont send carts both directions. and its also why its better to build parallel tracks and circle lines.

maybe there could be a more efficiant way to produce rail kits instead of making blade by blade.

but actually what i see on the images shared of rail road projects, it dosent look like someone is planning a massiv project. so straight lines and regular corners would be actually better at this point, instead of turntables. the players want to sent carts back and forth. in this 2,5 years since the upadte, i didnt saw anybody making parallel tracks and circle lines. it is just too much work, dosent matter how much resources you have.

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Yeah, I am worried that my two mines will collapse before I finish…and I do need iron for other things! :wink:


not gonna lie, i had about 6 mines and 2 veins collapse to get all the gravel it needed, and the smithing of the blades took ages… i had a lot of help, but it still took ages for such a long track. I love the track though - when you’re at a point where you’ve almost seen and built everything once, it’s nice to have. Also i love that it moves without supervision you know, we hardly have any (visible) processes that take longer than a few seconds once activated, and i think its really fun to see the tracks rolling in when some of my kids are mining, or if i sent them up and don’t have to worry about losing my horse in the desert again.

@Maengish interesting getting some insight from the creator. I mean, carts not going in opposite directions at the same time without crashing is pretty obvious… But i still dont understand why the turntable arrow can’t just have two options, you know? Like this :arrow_up_down:, but down right and right down. Each track element works in two directions, why can’t we have that for corners? Ofc i’m completely aware that we should not expect any more updates, it’s just dreaming. So while i’m at it, how cool would it be to be able to ride the carts? maybe even have a steampower upgrade to make it faster ?? lol. We could have trainstations to visit our friends and not lose horses if the way is too far. :crystal_ball: :magic_wand: :steam_locomotive:

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Yes, exactly. I just assumed this was true. Oh well. It must be some programming thing, and I understand zero about all that. I would think that allowing the carts to connect to each other like a real train would solve some of those issues (only one object moving, not a bunch of little ones), but who knows.

It sounds like you have a magnificent railroad! Congratulations. :slightly_smiling_face: Mine is not so long, so I will see what I can do.


I’ve updated the guide some more…
anyone know the specifics of turntables?

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Yep…with my curvy train tracks I have had to make several. Here is what a completed turntable corner looks like:

Note that a cart can ENTER a turntable space from three different directions, but it can only EXIT a turntable going in the fourth direction…the direction the arrow points. So the cart you see in this picture is stuck. It cannot enter the turntable from the north, only from the west (and if I had tracks on the south or east sides, it could enter from those directions, too).

A turntable begins with a plain gravel base (no stakes) and a Big Plate. Yes, you get a Big Plate by heating a steel ingot and then putting it through a Newcomen Hammer five times:

Steele Ingot → Piston Blank → Small Pulley (remember this) → Large Pulley → Steel Plate → Big Plate. The big plate has a hole in the center.

Swipe this onto your gravel road space and it will lay flat.

The next step is to add a spring…the same ones you create for Track Cart kits (hot blade blank into a bowl, cool in water, temper in your oven).


The last step is to add a Small Pully…see above where you made one on the way to the big plate!


Once this is placed, you should make sure the arrow is pointing the way you want it to. Put a chisel on the Turntable and hit it with a smithing hammer until it faces the way you want carts to EXIT the space.


Lastly, add a track kit and you have a finished turntable!



Ooh yay, it’s perfect! Especially with the images :pray:

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I finally finished my railway!!! Here are some pics:


More! The pics run from south to north, so basically the reverse of how they show here.


RIP my little home on US1!! Let these photos of my crazy railway serve as a memorial to Moontown!